I believe the way we relate as adults, how we perceive ourselves and how we believe others perceive us, is built upon past experiences. Given the right environment and through exploration we can develop greater self awareness, enabling us to bring about change and allowing for better coping mechanisms to deal with life's ups and downs. We cannot change others but we can makes changes to ourselves if we have the belief and desire to do so. 


Working with unconscious processes and bringing them into consciousness is part of this process. I work at my client's pace and treat everyone as individuals it is therefore important that you feel comfortable with me and the therapeutic setting. With this in mind the first 50-minute consultation provides an opportunity to explore your needs and if this type of therapy is right for you.


Following your first consultation I can offer once or twice weekly therapy sessions. I work both short-term, or open-ended. My fees are £60 per 50-minute session. This fee also applies to the first consultation.  I do require you to sign a contract, which will be discussed during your first visit. This will include a 48-hour cancellation notification policy, my fees, time boundaries and ethical practice. 

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